End of the Trip

February 27, 2017



Evan came down to make sure I got home. We spent a little time on the biker bar circuit. Do I really look like a nerd? Cuz that’s what a biker mama told me…

This was the second that the sun went down on the last day. Not a great sunset, but the last is the last…



Getting Near the End

February 24, 2017

The trip, alas, is drawing to a close. I can’t wait to get home to my family, whom I thank immensely for allowing this annual trek. But I will miss some things about this place. Its magical in the off-season. An off-duty police officer Bruce and I were talking to at Buasters referred to the place as Mayberry. Peaceful, low intensity, slow pace. Lotsa sitting out on porches drinking lemonade (Mike’s Hard Lemonade, I’d guess…). One thing that is kind cool is that wherever I went to watch a sunset, I was never the only one watching it. People pull up and take out their chairs or a blanket and park it on the beach. Turn around and about a quarter of the people are on their balconies, drinks and cameras in hand. There’s about 30 minutes of peace and reflection, and it feels like its town-wide. In the picture below, the small images you see at the water’s edge are some spectators — more are on blankets or in their chairs on the beach.




On the other hand, Two Spot is making things a little harder than necessary by living all month. I’m afraid to change the water because that killed his friends, and I’m not sure he’ll survive the ride home…

Accomplishments and Rainbows

February 23, 2017





Why is this man smiling? Well, not exactly smiling, but taking a picture of himself? It’s because he finished the annual 50 mile beach walk — inlet to inlet, pier to pier to pier.




Speaking of today’s walk — a rainbow is always nice to see!


Happy Birthday Donna!

February 22, 2017

Big Sister hit the big 62 today.

31 x 2. Just to put it into prime numbers.

434 in dog years for animal lovers…




Happy Birthday! I love you!


Catching Up

February 22, 2017

Well, today was kind of yucky weather-wise, spent all day working, and I just sent off my last work email at 2200 hours, so there’s nothing new to show — from today at least. However…. I did come across this beach wedding the other day. It was supposed to be a romantic sunset wedding between two middle-aged women, but the clouds and sun didn’t cooperate.


Instead, I think they started the ceremony a little early, I guess so they still had some light for pics. This was at the Richard Seltzer State Park (so that’s Seltzer water you’re looking at) — I’m basing my guess they started early because there were several car loads of dressed-up people just getting out of cars when I returned to the parking lot, and the Thomas Drive end of PCB has like zero-squared traffic ever.

In the Good News department, 2 Spot is still alive. And Evan is coming Friday to help with the ride home!

The Last Monday…

February 21, 2017

Heading back soon. Bruce was here one more day and we had the opportunity to spend some quality time in the football-field size maze. You punch in to start your time in the maze, then have to visit each of the four “islands” (one is blocked by the pole), punch your card at each, then get out of the maze as fast as you can. My first trip through was 32 minutes, the second 17. Lotsa of fun, particularly when you’re competing. Ebro Bruce did 28 / 20 so we split.






One more dinner before Bruce heads back, at Dusty’s Oyster Bar. Being a Wisconsin boy, he didn’t realize until I told him after he slurped down this oyster that is was, um, still alive…

Dusty’s is a fun locals place. Those are dollar bills hanging from the ceiling. They claim there are over $100,000 of them. Cathy and I stapled one to the ceiling 4 years ago. Couldn’t find it this time.


February 20, 2017


One of the best buddies ever showed up for the weekend. Bruce likes to donate money to casinos — we went to dog track / poker room and donated enough to cover their electric bill in about 45 min. Bruce got hit the hardest.


Temperature was conducive to swimming. The crowd was out!