The Red Dress Run

February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Spending it here on another long work day, but, hey, when you’re a consultant, its better than the alternative.

I thought it would be nice to share an experience I had this past weekend. I was taking a walk to get a night time photo of the Vomatron and could in the open-air bar across the street a bunch of really ugly women all wearing red dresses. And I mean ugly. I had seen a lot of people crowded at another open air bar earlier in the day, but I was driving so I didn’t see how homely they all were — I guessed it was the same crowd. After I took the Vomatron photo, I decided to stop in to see what was going on with all these red dresses.Here’s the view I was treated to:


Turns out its a charity thing they do here in PCB where they pay a bunch of money to charity for the pleasure of being bussed around from bar to bar all day before finishing up at a restaurant for a meal. Everyone participating has to wear a red dress. Even the guys. And the crowd was mostly guys. None of whom looked good in a dress. They do this run in other places, though more often than not its more about running and less about drinking.

Speaking of Valentines, does anyone else think the butt on the girl sitting at the bar looks like an upside down heart?

On a sadder note, it’s down to just me and 2 Spot. And he won’t eat.


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