The Last Monday…

February 21, 2017

Heading back soon. Bruce was here one more day and we had the opportunity to spend some quality time in the football-field size maze. You punch in to start your time in the maze, then have to visit each of the four “islands” (one is blocked by the pole), punch your card at each, then get out of the maze as fast as you can. My first trip through was 32 minutes, the second 17. Lotsa of fun, particularly when you’re competing. Ebro Bruce did 28 / 20 so we split.






One more dinner before Bruce heads back, at Dusty’s Oyster Bar. Being a Wisconsin boy, he didn’t realize until I told him after he slurped down this oyster that is was, um, still alive…

Dusty’s is a fun locals place. Those are dollar bills hanging from the ceiling. They claim there are over $100,000 of them. Cathy and I stapled one to the ceiling 4 years ago. Couldn’t find it this time.


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