Getting Near the End

February 24, 2017

The trip, alas, is drawing to a close. I can’t wait to get home to my family, whom I thank immensely for allowing this annual trek. But I will miss some things about this place. Its magical in the off-season. An off-duty police officer Bruce and I were talking to at Buasters referred to the place as Mayberry. Peaceful, low intensity, slow pace. Lotsa sitting out on porches drinking lemonade (Mike’s Hard Lemonade, I’d guess…). One thing that is kind cool is that wherever I went to watch a sunset, I was never the only one watching it. People pull up and take out their chairs or a blanket and park it on the beach. Turn around and about a quarter of the people are on their balconies, drinks and cameras in hand. There’s about 30 minutes of peace and reflection, and it feels like its town-wide. In the picture below, the small images you see at the water’s edge are some spectators — more are on blankets or in their chairs on the beach.




On the other hand, Two Spot is making things a little harder than necessary by living all month. I’m afraid to change the water because that killed his friends, and I’m not sure he’ll survive the ride home…


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