Exit 17

March 3, 2017

Well, this isn’t one of my advertised archival PCB pics. It’s these awesome clouds I saw today while I was driving to a meeting. I helped them look a bit more dramatic, maybe doing a disservice to them because they were awesome all on their own, but when it comes to drama, well, sometimes, I can’t help myself.


While we’re talking about drama, I looked at a website that says I’m being cruel to 2 spot, because guppies are social fish and should not be kept alone, and that I really need to set up at least a 5 gallon tank with a filter and a heater and two female (spotless) guppies. He cost 40 cents. Yes, its awful to put a price on a life. But remember, he was only a 20 cent fish when he was a feeder fish, so I doubled his value on the open market already. If I can find a 5 gallon tank and a filter and a heater at the Dollar Store (where his Florida beach home came from), well, maybe  I’ll set him up in style. Fact is, since he’s been in my possession, he’s lived twice as long as all of his schoolmates. Maybe he’s just a bit of a loner like me…


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