Notta Lotta

February 23, 2018

Sorry, not much new to talk about. I haven’t needed to drive anywhere for a week now — nice self-contained little area I’m at now.

I have had the chance to go out and enjoy the sun. Here’s where I spent lunch yesterday (after a quick dip in the gulf):







Unfortunately, the shore being the shore, here’s the view at dinner time yesterday:


The beach walks are great, though. Sunset was nice tonight, and I have proof I was there to see it!





That’s all I got. I’ll try to go out and do something bad (or at least interesting) this weekend. Love you all.


Time to Catch Up!

February 21, 2018

Been awhile, I know (and have been reminded), since my last post.Not a lot, really, to report. With the exception of my evening walks, I’ve been pretty much staying in. Haven’t been to anyplace other than Walmart for groceries and Walgreens for prescriptions (both within walking distance) since Friday. I hope the truck starts.


IMG_20180220_204046677Here’s one of the reasons why: The certification test for Project Manager Professional is a little over a month and I’m only on Chapter 3. Its a very good chapter, considering I’m having trouble sleeping. Once I get the certification, I can start managing projects again, which I hated so much 25 years ago that I decided to be a consultant and do technical work.





Here’s my view at night off the balcony when I decide whether I want to hit the hot tub (right upper corner of the picture). I usually don’t.






Storms were going on off-shore somewhere today, leading to the “if you chose to swim, the first help you’ll get is when the Coast Guard pulls your bloated, half-chewed-by-sharks body from the gulf maybe tomorrow maybe the day after” red flag. I didn’t swim.


I did catch the Daytona 500 Sunday. Great race. I have decided to switch my favorite driver to Ryan Blaney, and my multiple rooting interests sticking with the Penske team. (If Kyle Larson hadn’t lost the Target sponsorship right after I paid $15 for the Target hat, he’d still be in the running. But we vote with our wallets. Good luck, Kyle, it was nice while it lasted…) The Penske guys are all dudes that are good for the sport. Logano won’t put up with bullies, and having been bullied quite a bit as a child, that makes him a hero in my book. Keselowski might be a bit too aggressive as a competitor, but he’s one of the leading voices among drivers who lobby for changes so everyone has a chance. From a competition standpoint, he knows that the sport is better when one manufacturer has no clear advantage over the others, and his stance on driver safety is nothing to sneeze at either. And Blaney realizes the importance of connecting with fans of all ages. For example, a mom tweeted that her son was in the area and wanted to know where he would be doing an appearance so he could meet him. Blaney tweeted her back with the name of the restaurant where he was eating and invited her to bring her son to drop by for a visit, which she did. Who else on the circuit would do that? My guess is no one. Here he is in the garage capturing a fan for life:






Here’s the extended forecast for PCB. Can’t remember having more than 3 days of 70+ temps in any February that I’ve been coming down here. I’m hoping the forecast holds true.

One of those stay in days — temperature is nice (slider open at almost 8 at night), but damp and foggy — so it was a stay-in day. That doesn’t keep me from looking back at warmer days and give you an idea what the place is like.


I’ve likely said it before, but this is my first time staying at a large resort-y kind of place. But given that its only about 20% full, has an outdoor hot tub, and I’m one of the youngest people here, well, its not half-bad. The outdoor speakers at ground level play classic rock all day, not exactly my thing, but the stuff is mostly harmless and not your typical fare — heard Gordon Lightfoot’s “Sundown” while sticking my head over the balcony today. Here’s what it looks like at ground level.

The room is high up. Here’s the view from the end of the hallway. Those rooftops are on a 14 story building.


That’s about it for today. I need to get back to my 5-day old chicken salad…

Sunsets! Hooray!

February 14, 2018

I’ve been whining (surprise surprise) about the lack of nice sunsets. And we got two in a row! Yesterday’s was so awesome that I had a hard time picking one to show you. So I decided to show all 47 pictures I took! Then I looked at what happens when I go over my storage allotment on my free account and decided to narrow it down to one:IMG_20180212_173421867-02

Nice one today as well, though some late clouds gave it the 70’s rugby shirt look:


Now, why are these people in this picture on my post? Because they’ve inhabited my sleep and won’t leave me alone!

bill and scarlett

Three straight nights with multiple dreams of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson from “Lost In Translation”! And each dream is more complicated, more demanding than the last. This having to go over a month without therapy is quite challenging…

It’s Mardi Gras!!

February 11, 2018

PCB is definitely more Cajun than Miami Vice. Today they were having a Cajun musical festival and a Mardi Gras parade. Frankly, I was amazed at how big the parade was — between the people on floats and those watching the parade, I didn’t think PCB had this many people.


I stayed for an hour and it was still going strong when I pedaled off in the fog and rain back to my February home. Here’s one of the 9,000,000,000 floats from the parade.





I did get some beads!





The ride home was adventurous. One of the main reasons I brought my bike down is that Mardi Gras is the only day when traffic is horrendous. Only 2 roads head east and west, and Pier Park, where the party was held, has its north end meeting one of the east-west roads and the south end meeting the other. Riding my bike seemed like a good plan when I was getting there: the last two miles to the park, I passed hundreds of cars backed up in traffic and never got passed once.


When the rain and fog and 35 mph headwinds kicked in for my ride back, well, who’s the smart guy now? Here’s what the weather was like when I decided it was time to get my butt home…

It’s Friday!

February 10, 2018

Yes, the Wild Man was out and about. Left for dinner at 4:30 (and still had to eat at the bar!), had my seared tuna at Patches, walked 2 miles on the beach, drank a beer at Busters, and got home at a safe and sane 6:35. Will the craziness ever end?

IMG_20180209_140127870_BURST000_COVER_TOP-02So why, you might ask, am I showing you a picture of this tiny boat racing away? Well, it was because this afternoon, it navigated its way to the front of the complex and commenced firing a cannon at the building.

There has been a pigeon problem around the building, and I guess the cannon shots (which were really loud!) were meant to convince the pigeons to leave. Which they did. And then so did the boat.


Sunsets have been in short supply – here’s the best one so far.