The Last Monday…

February 21, 2017

Heading back soon. Bruce was here one more day and we had the opportunity to spend some quality time in the football-field size maze. You punch in to start your time in the maze, then have to visit each of the four “islands” (one is blocked by the pole), punch your card at each, then get out of the maze as fast as you can. My first trip through was 32 minutes, the second 17. Lotsa of fun, particularly when you’re competing. Ebro Bruce did 28 / 20 so we split.






One more dinner before Bruce heads back, at Dusty’s Oyster Bar. Being a Wisconsin boy, he didn’t realize until I told him after he slurped down this oyster that is was, um, still alive…

Dusty’s is a fun locals place. Those are dollar bills hanging from the ceiling. They claim there are over $100,000 of them. Cathy and I stapled one to the ceiling 4 years ago. Couldn’t find it this time.



February 20, 2017


One of the best buddies ever showed up for the weekend. Bruce likes to donate money to casinos — we went to dog track / poker room and donated enough to cover their electric bill in about 45 min. Bruce got hit the hardest.


Temperature was conducive to swimming. The crowd was out!


Naked Sunbather!

February 17, 2017

It’s always a little bit of a challenge when you’re a guy just walkin’ down the beach when you come across a scantily clad woman sprawled out on a beach towel. It’s really a challenge when you come across a totally nekked one like this lady here:


It’s even MORE challenging to take her picture without feeling like you’re some kinda creep…

The Red Dress Run

February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Spending it here on another long work day, but, hey, when you’re a consultant, its better than the alternative.

I thought it would be nice to share an experience I had this past weekend. I was taking a walk to get a night time photo of the Vomatron and could in the open-air bar across the street a bunch of really ugly women all wearing red dresses. And I mean ugly. I had seen a lot of people crowded at another open air bar earlier in the day, but I was driving so I didn’t see how homely they all were — I guessed it was the same crowd. After I took the Vomatron photo, I decided to stop in to see what was going on with all these red dresses.Here’s the view I was treated to:


Turns out its a charity thing they do here in PCB where they pay a bunch of money to charity for the pleasure of being bussed around from bar to bar all day before finishing up at a restaurant for a meal. Everyone participating has to wear a red dress. Even the guys. And the crowd was mostly guys. None of whom looked good in a dress. They do this run in other places, though more often than not its more about running and less about drinking.

Speaking of Valentines, does anyone else think the butt on the girl sitting at the bar looks like an upside down heart?

On a sadder note, it’s down to just me and 2 Spot. And he won’t eat.

Trouble With the Roomies

February 13, 2017

Figures I would name them yesterday and today they all look like they are going to die. All hanging out at the bottom of the jar, ignoring the food.

I think No Spot has already expired and things aren’t looking too great for 1 Spot, 2 Spot, and 3 Spot. I did a water change , which I’ve done before, but I’m thinking ma20170213_153715-012ybe the water was too cold. It sat overnight and the thermostat says its 75, so that shouldn’t be a problem.



Yup, No Spot has croaked. Moving the bowl into the sun and hope the water warms up…


February 13, 2017

It was a nice day today. For a while, at least. Warm enough to get in the water and stay there for a bit. Warm enough to go on a nice, 4 mile round trip walk. Except today I learned when the weather comes from the west, you’re probably better off starting your walk towards the west so you can turn around and head home when you see bad weather coming. How did I learn that? Well, I started my (4 mile) round trip walk heading east. Here’s what I saw when I turned around:




You see that large brown building above the person in the orange shirt? The one partially obscured by the rain that was starting to come down between me and the building? The one two miles away? Yeah, that one. I was parked near there. Two blocks past it, actually…

The Vomatron

February 12, 2017






Yes, there is an amusement park ride here called The Vomatron. I am not sure how it works because I’ve never seen anyone ride it. Probably because a ride costs $25.




I wonder if the name was inspired by The Shityourpantsarator…