Sunsets! Hooray!

February 14, 2018

I’ve been whining (surprise surprise) about the lack of nice sunsets. And we got two in a row! Yesterday’s was so awesome that I had a hard time picking one to show you. So I decided to show all 47 pictures I took! Then I looked at what happens when I go over my storage allotment on my free account and decided to narrow it down to one:IMG_20180212_173421867-02

Nice one today as well, though some late clouds gave it the 70’s rugby shirt look:


Now, why are these people in this picture on my post? Because they’ve inhabited my sleep and won’t leave me alone!

bill and scarlett

Three straight nights with multiple dreams of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson from “Lost In Translation”! And each dream is more complicated, more demanding than the last. This having to go over a month without therapy is quite challenging…


It’s Mardi Gras!!

February 11, 2018

PCB is definitely more Cajun than Miami Vice. Today they were having a Cajun musical festival and a Mardi Gras parade. Frankly, I was amazed at how big the parade was — between the people on floats and those watching the parade, I didn’t think PCB had this many people.


I stayed for an hour and it was still going strong when I pedaled off in the fog and rain back to my February home. Here’s one of the 9,000,000,000 floats from the parade.





I did get some beads!





The ride home was adventurous. One of the main reasons I brought my bike down is that Mardi Gras is the only day when traffic is horrendous. Only 2 roads head east and west, and Pier Park, where the party was held, has its north end meeting one of the east-west roads and the south end meeting the other. Riding my bike seemed like a good plan when I was getting there: the last two miles to the park, I passed hundreds of cars backed up in traffic and never got passed once.


When the rain and fog and 35 mph headwinds kicked in for my ride back, well, who’s the smart guy now? Here’s what the weather was like when I decided it was time to get my butt home…

It’s Friday!

February 10, 2018

Yes, the Wild Man was out and about. Left for dinner at 4:30 (and still had to eat at the bar!), had my seared tuna at Patches, walked 2 miles on the beach, drank a beer at Busters, and got home at a safe and sane 6:35. Will the craziness ever end?

IMG_20180209_140127870_BURST000_COVER_TOP-02So why, you might ask, am I showing you a picture of this tiny boat racing away? Well, it was because this afternoon, it navigated its way to the front of the complex and commenced firing a cannon at the building.

There has been a pigeon problem around the building, and I guess the cannon shots (which were really loud!) were meant to convince the pigeons to leave. Which they did. And then so did the boat.


Sunsets have been in short supply – here’s the best one so far.

Fog. Rain. Thunder. Just plain damp. But the temp has been staying in the 60s to 70s, and I’d rather be wiping the dew off the truck mirrors than scraping ice off the windows. Not gloating, just stating the facts.

The routine starts today. I dropped Evan off at the airport early this morning, so now its that stretch of being alone. It usually takes me a few days to embrace it. I really don’t mind being alone. I know I’m not the first to say it, but some of my loneliest times have been in a crowd of people. Still, it takes a little bit of getting used to, more so this time because Evan rode down with me, so this place wasn’t really “all mine” until today. I miss the dude already. Anyway, the times out will get reduced to here and there until company comes again (though y’all know where I’ll be Friday night for dinner), studying for the PMP will pick up (if I can just stop binging on The Sons of Anarchy), and I’ll get to put the new non-stick pan and super-sharp chef’s knife I always pick up from the HomeGoods clearance rack to good use. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about these trips, its that the “well-stocked kitchen” cutlery sucks and the cookware is awful, and the $15 I spend is worth it.


Here’s a pic from the pier at St. Andrews Park. I believe I posted the west view last year (maybe just on Instagram), this view is to the east. Beautiful park, beautiful dunes.

Sunset pics will start as soon as we get a decent one.

Kowloon or PCB?

February 7, 2018

kowloon2This is my first time staying in a high rise here in PCB. The night view is pretty dramatic, especially given the place is only about 1/4 full. Reminds me of all the high rises I saw when passing through Kowloon, Hong Kong — high rises there are a necessity given they’ve packed 2.1 million people into 18 square miles.




Speaking of Hong Kong, we made our first visit to Patches, my fave restaurant anywhere. (I know, that has nothing to do with Hong Kong…). They have a smoker going out back now, and I had the smoked tuna dip and smoked brisket burrito (pictured) and Evan had the Hawaiian pizza (not pictured).



Speaking of Evan, he heads back tomorrow morning. Sad to see him go, but we did have some busy times. Superbowl on Sunday, running around in the maze on Monday, and the grand tour of Patches, Dave and Busters, then Buster’s Beer and Bait. Good times!

SuperBowl Sunday!

February 5, 2018



Back in FL! Visited Dat Cajun Place with Evan to watch the big game and eat some yummy food and drink a beer or six. Evan had some blackened fish of unknown heritage, I had the crawfish etouffe and oysters, and we later shared some alligator bites (tastes like chicken!). Fun times and a great outcome to the game (though the place was loaded with Patriots fans).

Exit 17

March 3, 2017

Well, this isn’t one of my advertised archival PCB pics. It’s these awesome clouds I saw today while I was driving to a meeting. I helped them look a bit more dramatic, maybe doing a disservice to them because they were awesome all on their own, but when it comes to drama, well, sometimes, I can’t help myself.


While we’re talking about drama, I looked at a website that says I’m being cruel to 2 spot, because guppies are social fish and should not be kept alone, and that I really need to set up at least a 5 gallon tank with a filter and a heater and two female (spotless) guppies. He cost 40 cents. Yes, its awful to put a price on a life. But remember, he was only a 20 cent fish when he was a feeder fish, so I doubled his value on the open market already. If I can find a 5 gallon tank and a filter and a heater at the Dollar Store (where his Florida beach home came from), well, maybe  I’ll set him up in style. Fact is, since he’s been in my possession, he’s lived twice as long as all of his schoolmates. Maybe he’s just a bit of a loner like me…